Data Center Storage Networking Simulation

Powered by SimSANs v4.0 and OMNeT++


SimSANs, Simulating Storage Area Networks, is a Data Center Storage Networking design and simulation tool. It is especially useful in infrastructure design and performance analysis of SCSI over Fibre Channel and FCoE based data center storage networks. The latest SimSANs version is 4.0.

How to use this website:

What is SimSANs: An introduction of the SimSANs software tool, what problem it aims to address, and why it is useful. Also includes a bunch of videos to give people a visual experience of what SimSANs can do.

Design Guide: SimSANs client-server based simulation architecture and the features it provides for end-users.

User Guide: Detailed instructions to setup, configure, and launch SimSANs simulations via the GUI.

Downloads: The complete SimSANs packages to download.

Useful Topics: Some useful topics and tips that are included in the Design Guide or User Guide.

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